The KeMCo Review

The KeMCo Review is an academic journal dedicated to sharing research and practices related to the activities of the Keio Museum Commons (KeMCo), both within and outside the university. It is published annually as an open-access journal, freely available online.

Each issue of The KeMCo Review comprises ‘Original Articles for Special Issue’ and ‘Research Note for Special Issue’ centered on the issue’s theme, as well as ‘Original Articles’ and ‘Research Note’ addressing topics beyond the featured theme.

Original articles and research notes encompass a broad spectrum of research and practical outcomes associated with the diverse fields connected to the activities of KeMCo.


Example Topics: Commons, Universities and Cultural Properties, Exhibitions, Collections, Object-Based Learning, Co-Learning, Open Education, Community and Museum, Digital Museum, Digital Fabrication Lab, Cultural Property-Related Information, Culture and Information Technology, Digital Archive, Digital Humanities, Open Science


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The KeMCo Review 01 Object-based Learning  2023-3-31

The KeMCo Review 01 Call for Paper (in Japanese)


The KeMCo Review 02 Special Issue: Public Humanities (2024-3-31)

The KeMCo Review 02 Call for Paper (in Japanese)

Editorial Board

Chair: Nozomi Ikeya (Director of Keio Museum Commons, Professor at Faculty of Letters, Keio)

Yohko Watanabe (Vice director of Keio Museum Commons, Professor at Keio University Art Center)
Takahiro Sasaki (Professor at Shido Bunko, Keio Institute of Oriental Classics)
Hiromichi Ando (Professor at Faculty of Letters, Keio)
Yasuyuki Sasaki (Professor at Faculty of Letters, Keio)
Keiko Okawa (Professor at Graduate School of Media Design, Keio)
Takeyuki Tokura (Associate professor at (The Fukuzawa Memorial Center for Modern Japanese Studies)
Yu Homma (Senior Assistant Professor at Keio Museum Commons)


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