As part of its publication activities, the Keio Museum Commons provides various type of publications; The KeMCo Review (research journal), catalogues and books related to exhibitions, KeMCo Forum (book series), an annual report and so on.

The KeMCo Review

The KeMCo Review is an academic journal for sharing research and practice within and beyond the university in areas related to KeMCo’s activities. It is published annually and is widely available online as an open access journal.


KeMCo Review 01 (2023)    | KeMCo Review 02 (2024)   



Keio Museum Commons Annual Report

KeMCo Annual Report No.3




Publihed by Keio Museum Commons

July 19, 2023


Exhibition Catalogue, Brochure, Record Book

KeMCo produces different types of publications to coincide with each exhibition.


KeMCo Forum

In March 2023, KeMCo Forum was launched. KeMCo Forum is a book series edited on the basis of international symposia organised by KeMCo.