Shimako Yamada

Curator, Urawa Art Museum

Completed a master’s degree at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, majoring in aesthetics. After working in the preparation office for museum, curator at the Urawa Art Museum since 2000. Major exhibitions in charge are “Another Door: Art of Books in the 20th Century” (2000), “Avant-garde and Children: Artists’ trail in picture books”(2013-14), “Shape of Atmosphere: invisible, formless and we share” (2022-23), etc. Author of “Dieter ROTH: Die Ro Pe Pr Por (Containers)” (Fuji Xerox Print Collection, 2012) etc. and co-author of “The World of Book Art: From Picture Books to Installations” (Suiseisha, 2006), “Picture Book Studies Course 1: Expression of Picture Books” (Asakura Shoten, 2014) etc.

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