“Keio Museum Commons [KeMCo]” is a common space in which students, academics, university staff, and alumni can mingle. Keio University’s “Banraisha” common room was originally designed for this purpose. The aim of KeMCo is to create a “commons” within a museum that is neither public nor private, but open to all kinds of community activities.

KeMCo is designed to foster exchanges in relation to the university’s cultural assets and collections, and to allow people to connect digitally to a global community.


KeMCo functions as a hub for the exhibition and conservation activities of a “distributed museums”. At KeMCo, we are developing a number of programs that meet the demands of an advanced digital age: exhibition, collection, development, and support programs, that bring together the digital and the analogue.


KeMCo is an institutional apparatus with exhibition facilities that brings together research organs with artistic holdings in Keio University as well as various cultural and academic resources.

Rather than confining itself to ties between the research and educational bodies of the university alone, it aims to link up with the Keio-affiliated schools, and is structured to serve as a hub encompassing the whole of Keio for use of collections and academic resources.

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We are looking for staff to support the activities of KeMCo.

There are a wide range of activities including the preparation and implementation of various events such as exhibitions, lectures, and workshops, as well as the promotion of research projects.


Press releases and a press kit that provides an overview of KeMCo have been made available.




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