Exhibition Catalogue “Artists in Rivalry: Extraordinary Designs by Hokusai and Kuniyoshi” published.

We are pleased to announce the publication of the exhibition catalogue “Artists in Rivalry: Extraordinary Designs by Hokusai and Kuniyoshi” held at Keio Museum Commons from May to July 2023.


This two-volume catalogue introduces the works of KATSUSHIKA Hokusai and UTAGAWA Kuniyoshi from the Takahashi Seiichiro Ukiyo-e Collection at Keio University.


Volume 1 is a colour tabloid edition* with abundant illustrations and columns on the fascination of both ukiyo-e artists, following the chapters of the exhibition.
Volume 2 is a collection of drawings (in black and white) relating to both artists and schools, which were made available to the public in time for the exhibition. It includes documents that were not exhibited.


It is available for sale at the Keio Museum Commons (KeMCo) Office (4F, East Annex, Mita Campus).
You can also be available at Mita Information Plaza (1st Floor) in the stores and Keio Official Merchandise online store.


※KeMCo Office opens during weekdays from 9:00–17:00. Payment is by cash only.

  • Author

    Supervised by Masato Naio
    Texted by Masato Naito, Fumi Matsuya, Rei Miyazaki
    Designed by Keio Fukuda (Bonfuego Design)
    Published by Keio Museum Commons

  • Format

    Volume 1: A4 (colour, tabloid edition) /30 pp.
    Volume 2: A4 (black and white) /31 pp.

  • PDF

  • Cost

    1,300 yen

  • Published

    May 15, 2023

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