Keio Museum Commons functions as a hub for the exhibition and conservation activities of a “distributed museum”. At KeMCo, we are developing a number of programs that meet the demands of an advanced digital age: exhibition, collection, development, and support programs, that bring together the digital and the analogue.


Our new educational programs are not only aimed at training museum professionals, but also at educating people using the university’s cultural assets. Keio Museum Commons is a place where people can experience the history and culture of the area, as well as enroll in high-level recurrent education based on cutting edge research.


Our research activities involve developing research on cultural assets, as well as accumulating research resources. As a meeting point for different collections, Keio Museum Commons fosters interdisciplinary research, and gathers and transmits diverse research outcomes.


We create a space for exchange between university and students, academics, university staff, alumni and teachers, and between research communities, disciplines and local communities. Through our cultural assets and the research and educational activities we generate, we are able to bring together members of national and international communities, both academic and non-academic. Keio Museum Commons also opens a window onto the university collections for communities around the university.

KeMCo's Program

芸術資料収集方針 芸術資料収集・保管及び展示等業務実施要領

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