Sarah Sato

Senior Curator, Tokiwayama Bunko Foundation

After completing her Master’s degree at Keio University in 1989, worked at Idemitsu Museum of Arts. After leaving Idemitsu, she obtained her Ph.D in 2005, then assumed her current position. Specializes in Chinese ceramics.
She has conducted research to determine the historical positioning of the works in Tokiwayama Bunko collection, and collected works for the purpose of research on Chinese ceramic history. For fruitful research, she established “The Chinese Ceramic study Association of Tokiwayama Bunko Foundation” where researchers can gather to study and discuss about the works, of which results were reported as bulletins, all seven volumes as follows: “Beishoku Celadon,” “Yonaiyama Shards,” “Northern Qi Ceramics,” “Yonaiyama Shards Ⅱ,” “ ‘Dongyao’ Celadon,” “Yonaiyama Shard Ⅲ“ and “Early White Porcelain.” Since 2015, she has been in charge of Museology at Keio University for three years, and she also has developed a strong interest in passing on the ancient art that has been preserved in Japan to the next generations.