Nobuhiko Hiromi

Chief Curator, Idemitsu Museum of Arts

He joined the curatorial staff at the Idemitsu Museum of Arts in 2008. He is a specialist in Japanese painting with a focus on the early modern period. Additional interests include the politics of exhibition and the place of preservation in art historical inquiry. Recent articles examine the painter Iwasa Matabei and Ukiyo-e painting. At the Idemitsu Museum, he has organized several exhibitions, including Kanō School: The Eyes and Hands that Controlled the Painting World (2020), The Nikuhitsu Beauty Paintings of Katsukawa Shunshō: Elegance of the Female Image (2017), and Genji-e and Ise-e: The Illustrated Love Stories (2013). He is a co-author of The Complete Works of Iwasa Matabei published by Geika Shoin Publishing Co., Ltd. in 2013 and The Poetics of Form published by Seikansha Publishing Co., Ltd. in 2021.