Kenji Yamada


Born 1983, Tokyo. Graduated from the Department of Intermedia Art at the Tokyo University of the Arts (Geidai). Research specialist at the Graduate School of Film and New Media at Geidai. Reached current position after serving as a distinguished associate professor of global art practices at the Graduate School of Fine Arts at Geidai and as a distinguished lecturer of fine art at Central Saint Martins at the University of the Arts London. Continues to question the relationship between citizens and history by publicizing and revealing history that has been buried by power and public space to society. His selected exhibitions and projects include, Commissioned by KeMCo 2020(Keio Museum Commons, Tokyo, 2020), Toward Freedom of Expression in Mass Surveillance Cities(Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo, 2019), Taipei ⇆ Tokyo-The Postcolonial Urban Experience,(Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo, 2018), Transgressive Heritage(The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, London, 2017), Rebel Cities(Yang Art Museum, Beijin, 2017), Socially Engaged Art: A New Wave of Art for Social Change(3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, 2017), Cao Gang River meeting practice(Zendai Zhujiajiao Art Space, Shanghai, 2016), Smurfed remain(Morgue Gallery, Chelsea College of Arts, London), BSIM/The BEPPU Subterranean Innards Museum(platform02 Gallery, Beppu, 2011), Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial 2009(Tohkamachi, Niigata, 2009). Received the “KAWAMATA Prize” (Tokyo University of the Arts, 2008) for excellent young artists and the “BEPPU ART AWARD” (BEPPU PROJECT, 2011). Productions and research have received funding from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Pola Art Foundation, Terumo Foundation for Life, Asahi Shimbun Foundation, Nomura Foundation, and others.