Keiko Mikasa

Senior Researcher, Tokyo National Museum

Senior Researcher, Tokyo National Museum. After completing the doctoral program at the Graduate School of Letters, Keio University, she was appointed to her current position in 2006. Specializes in the history of Oriental ceramics. Special exhibitions include “Treasured Masterpieces from the National Palace Museum, Taipei” (2014), “The Art of ZEN: From Mind to Form” (2016), “Chanoyu – The Arts of Tea Ceremony, The Essence of Japan” (2017), “Momoyama: Artistic Visions in a Turbulent Century” (2020), “Special Exhibition Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Okinawa’s Reversion to Japan RYUKYU” (2022), and “The Artistic Cosmos of Honʼami Kōetsu” (2024), as well as “150th Anniversary of Matsuya – The Shape of Rikyu” (Matsuya Ginza, 2020).