Hitoshi Kubo

Keio University Art Center Archivist/Art Studies

An archivist at Keio University Art Center, among other activities. Departing from certain archives or specific referential materials and montaging various spatiotemporal perspectives that they encompass, many of his projects shed light on not only events that occurred but also those that could have occurred, fundamentally as a way for him to explore possibilities to redesign conditions of human experiences as variable circuits by means of observation, analysis, and construction of montages employed in films and other artistic works, driven by his trust to the world, which in his eyes essentially stands as a process of self-generation and flickering. Recent writings include Montaging Penumbra: on a Motif of Archive (report for JSPS Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research 26580029 | 2017) and”Archive and Thought: on the Montage of Following by Christopher Nolan,” Booklet 27 Art and Archive: Genetic Engine (Keio University Art Center, 2020). At Keio University Art Center, he has directed a project to reconsider art and archive, called Pleating Machine (2018–).

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