Symposium|Tangite me: Reconsidering Conservation during the Pandemic

To “touch” artworks is both a way of learning more about them and an act of the possibility of direct destruction. The practice of conservation, which can begin with “touch,” has always faced such a dilemma. In this symposium, we will reconsider conservation from the perspective of “touch” by inviting conservators who have undertaken restoration of artworks in Keio University’s collection and who will talk about their practices as case studies. We hope that this symposium will provide an opportunity to discuss and rethink the present and future of the conservation and the use of artworks during the Pandemic.



Asa Ito(Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Hirotake Kurokawa (Musashino Art University / Bronze Studio)

Yuji Takahashi (Bronze Studio)

Yasuaki Miyazaki (Art Restoration Studio 21)

Yohko Watanabe (Keio University Art Center / Keio Museum Commons)

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