Digital Tools

KeMCo provides diverse access points to information on cultural assets through classes, events and exhibitions by introducing new digital technologies.

Cultural assets and digital technology

At KeMCo, various digital technologies are utilized to develop mechanisms to expand access to information on cultural assets.


Cultural assets carry the history of their creation. They sediment the activities that go on around them (research, education, appreciation, creation etc.), and the human connections that are made through them. The layers of meaning that make up cultural assets accumulate and transform daily. They always open up towards new interpretations and activities.


Our aim at KeMCo is to bring together this analogue world of fast-changing cultural assets with new digital technologies in order to make visible and available the rich layers of meaning these cultural assets have. By bringing the digital and the analogue together, KeMCo hopes to guide people through the dynamic world of cultural assets using four key imperatives: invite, Record (accumulate the ever-changing layers of meaning of cultural assets), question (reflect and dialogue to raise new questions), interact (connect people, the university, and society through cultural assets).


Ask KeMCo

Exhibitions, LINE Bot, and information on works


A LINE account called “Ask KeMCo” has been set up to announce information on exhibits and events held at Keio University. By sending the number of the exhibit that interests you as a text message, you will receive an image of the work along with a detailed description. You can share this information with friends on LINE. Ask KeMCo presents a new way of “taking home the works that you enjoy.”

Image of KeMCo’s digital services

Schematic of digital services