【Upcoming Exhibition】 Soichiro Mihara: Recipe: Art of the Air

Soichiro Mihara is an artist who presents systems that openly engage with the world and interpret them into the “art” of materials and phenomena. This exhibition displays Mihara’s recent artistic practices, including his new artwork and “recipes” for his works. Visitors can experience the “Art of the Air” from various perspectives. By presenting the artworks and their recipes simultaneously, we shed light on Mihara’s concerns and practices regarding the relationship between artworks and descriptions, sharing imagination with others, and issues such as the artist’s intentions during their lifetime and reproduction/re-exhibition.


study of the air, 2017|NIPPON Festival 2021  [photo by Masanobu Nishino]

  • Date

    Monday, June 3 – Saturday, August 3, 2024
    Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays
    Special opening on Saturday: June 22 and August 3
    (Temporary closed days: Monday, June 24 and July 29)
    11:00 – 18:00

  • Venue

    Keio Museum Commons (Mita Campus East Annex)

  • Audience

    Open to the public

  • Cost

    Admission free

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Soichiro Mihara / Artist

Mihara presents systems that openly engages with the world and interprets them into the “art” of materials and phenomena such as acoustics, bubbles, radiation, rainbows, microbes, moss, air streams, soil and electrons. Since 2011, he has been engaged in projects in and outside Japan to examine the relationship between technology and society.

Since 2022, he has co-organized “Let’s Ride the Waves on 311”. In recent years, he has been approaching his past activities as “Art of the Air”, an archival experiment based on the categories of vibration, particles, and breathing, in the form of a recipe.




Exhibition Highlights

1.  bell, 2013|solo exhibition “the world filled with blanks, kunstquartier kreuzberg bethanien” [photo by the artist]
2. imaginary rhetoric, 2016|TSUSHIMA ART FANTASIA 2016 [photo by Tadasu Yamamoto]
3. cosmos, 2014-|Germination play [photo by the artist]
4. study of the air, 2017|NIPPON Festival 2021  [photo by Masanobu Nishino]
5. 8’17”, 2020|Exhibition “Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions 2020: The Imagination of Time” [photo by Nobuhiro Saiki, courtesy of Tokyo Photographic Art Museum]
6. res nullius, 2020|Nissan Art Award 2020[photo by Keizo Kioku]


Related Programme

1.Artist Talk|July 8 (Mon.) 18:15–
Details of the event, including the venue and how to participate, will be announced on the website and other places as soon as they are finalized.


*Other events are held during the exhibition. More information will be available on the website.


2.Exhibition catalogues
*KeMCo will publish a comprehensive exhibition record book, documenting the various works and events featured in the exhibition.



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