KeMCo Annual Report No.2 2021/2022

July 21, 2022


The “Annual Report No.2 2021/2022” summarizing the activities of the Keio Museum Commons in the 2021 academic year has now been published.






Project | KeMCo’s Inaugural Event Series “Cross-scapes: Interconnecting Art”
Exhibition | Cross-scape 1 Letter-scape: Century Akao Collection, A World of Letters and Figures
Exhibition | Cross-scape 2 Gathering-scape: Bringing Together Keio’s Cultural Assets
Exhibition | Eight Perspectives on Reading Objects
Exhibition | Tangite me: Reconsidering Conservation during the Pandemic
Exhibition | KeMCo New Year Exhibition 2022 ”Where the Tigers Are”
Preview Exhibition | Materials Excavated from the Mita 2-chome Machiya-ato Site
Symposium |Cross-scape 3 Book-scape: Cultural landscape of Books and the Web of Associations
Symposium | Tangite me: Reconsidering Conservation during the Pandemic
Symposium | Mita Society for the Science of Arts × KeMCo ”Extension of the Senses and New Aesthetics”
Learning | KeMCo Course “Museum and Commons”
Learning | Chuo City College “Creative Dialogue”
Learning | Workshop with Keio Chutobu Junior High School Students
Learning | KeMCo×Design Workshop “Designing Museum Goods in the Margins”
KeMCo StudI/O | Release of Keio Object Hub and linkage with Japan Search
KeMCo StudI/O | Collaboration with the ROIS-DS Center for Open Data on Humanities “Type-scape”
KeMCo StudI/O | KeMCoM Project
KeMCo StudI/O | Regular Photo Session for Keio Cultural Assets
Collaboration | Mita Society for Library and Information Science 2021 Annual Conference Symposium
Collaboration | Showcase of the Outcomes from the Student-led Contemporary Art Learning Workshop
Collaboration | DA Lab.
Conservation and Restoration Projects | Restoration of Works in the Collection
Conservation and Restoration Projects | Transfer of Artworks from the Keio University Collection
Communications | Public Relations Activities in FY 2021, KeMiCo’s Activities
・Books Data Statistics

・Personnel Changes
・List of Works
・The Year in Numbers
・Keio Museum Commons Facility Overview

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