Organised by Keio University Art Center
Artist Voice II: Toshio Arimoto Journey to the Wellspring of his Songs

The new exhibition series “Artist Voice” intends to host intimate exhibitions which allow us to intuit an artist’s raw voice and utterances by taking advantage of the distinguishing features of the facility as a small, standalone exhibition space. The second exhibition of this series features drawings by Toshio Arimoto.Please join us.

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  • Date

    Mon., February 14, 2022 – Fri., April 22, 2022

    [Closed on Saturday, Sunday, Holidays]

  • Venue

    Keio University Art Space
    [Located on the ground floor of Keio University South Annex]

  • Audience

    Open to anyone

    [Online reservations are required]

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    Keio University Art Center
    Tel: 03-5427-1621 Fax: 03-5427-1620

Organised by :Keio University Art Center  


Cooperation : Yoko Arimoto