Art Center – The 35nd Anniversary of Hijikata Tatsumi’s Death / Talking together about Hijikata Tatsumi Online Event

Every year, on January 21, the anniversary of Tatsumi Hijikata’s death, we have held the event “Talking about Tatsumi Hijikata,” where, as its title suggests, many people gather in person to discuss Tatsumi Hijikata. However, it is not possible to hold this event with participants gathering under one roof on the same day in 2021.


As such, we have decided to deliver this event online from the Tatsumi Hijikata Archive on Thursday, January 21, 2021. On the day, we will link up with Chozenji temple in Izu, which is both the final resting place of Tatsumi Hijikata and the location for a stone monument to butoh, Kamaitachi Museum in Ugo, Akita prefecture, and others, to talk about Tatusmi Hijikata. We will use this as an opportunity to introduce the activities and events surrounding Tatsumi Hijikata which took place in 2020 while interacting with the many people who are interested in butoh, both domestically and internationally. We look forward to your registration for this program and receiving your various messages.

Organiser: Keio University Art Center, Portflio Butoh
Planned by: Hijikata Tatsumi Archive @ Keio University Art Center
Cooperated by: Hijikata Tatsumi Asbestos Studio, Butoh Laboratory, Japan, Hijikata-Nakanishi Memorial Saruhashi Studio, Kamaitachi Association

Photo credit:
Photo: Akio Yoshino
NPO Butoh Sozo Shigen, Tatsumi Hijikata Archive, Keio University Art Center