Online Exhibition “Keio Exhibition RoomX: Jinkan Kosai (Society)” (October 26,2020 – February 28,2021)

Preparations are underway at Keio University Mita Campus to open two museums: the Fukuzawa Yukichi Memorial Keio History Museum and Keio Museum Commons.


Keio University possesses numerous cultural assets and has held exhibitions at various locations on campus to reflect their use in educational and research activities. With the opening of the two facilities, we hope that these various activities will be better integrated and more vividly accessible to society.


As a forerunner to this, we will open an unconventional “room” (Exhibition RoomX) online and hold an exhibition under the theme of “jinkan kosai.” “jinkan kosai” is how Yukichi Fukuzawa translated the English word “society.” As can also be seen from the establishment of the “Banraisha” and “Kojunsha,” Fukuzawa emphasized the role played by interactions among people for the modernization of Japan.


From among the university’s various collections, including the art, archaeological, historical, and rare books collections, 57 cultural assets relating to the theme of “society” will be featured across 7 sections for this online exhibition. In addition to talk events to promote a better understanding of the exhibited items, during the exhibition period, we plan to deliver content that leverages the strengths of online exhibitions to provide a unique exhibition experience in digital space which cannot be replicated in the real world, such as distributing commentaries left by those who visited the exhibition.


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