Art Center – SHOW-CASE project No. 4 Tatsuo Kawaguchi Gaze Breathing via Branchial Respiration

Annual exhibitions themed on modern art are held by the Keio University Art Center (KUAC). For 2020, we have commissioned Tatsuo Kawaguchi to plan the 4th project of our SHOW-CASE series, which will focus on display cases and related printed materials.

  • Details

  • Date

    Monday,  August 17– Friday,  October 30, 2020 / 11:00–18:00

    Close: Saturday, Sunday and Holiday

  • Venue

    Keio University Art Space
    [Located on the ground floor of Keio University South Annex]

  • Audience

    Open to anyone

    ※ Booking required

  • Cost


  • Enquiries and

    Keio University Art Center
    Tel: 03-5427-1621 Fax: 03-5427-1620


Keio University Art Center

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