Notice of Limited Access to Interior of Old University Library

The restoration work that the Old University Library on Mita Campus had been undergoing over the last two years and four months to preserve the building and strengthen it against earthquakes has concluded. Limited access to its entrance hall will be granted to members of the public until restoration work on the interior commences. Those wishing to visit are welcome on the dates indicated below:

  • Details

  • Date

    From July to October, 2019; every first Wednesday and third Saturday


    【Days open】

    July 3 (Wed.), July 20 (Sat.), August 7 (Wed.), August 17 (Sat.), September 4 (Wed.), September 17 (Tues.), September 18 (Wed.), September 21 (Sat.), October 2 (Wed.), October 19 (Sat.)


    【Opening times】

    10:00-16:00 (till 17:00 on September 17 [Tues.])

  • Venue

    The Old University Library on Mita Campus


    【Areas open to visitors】

    From the front entrance to the first-floor hall and landing of the central stairwell

  • Audience

    Open to everyone

  • Cost